We'll be making this kind of a headphone organizer. But feel free to create any shape you want! 

Start by clicking the button below to open a new scene : 

Wires need about 3mm to hold in place
to begin drawing on the bottom plane, hover your mouse over the center, and click the blue plane:

Then press the "Sketch" button: 

This is sketch mode. You will draw 2D sketches, and pull them into 3D: 

But first, we need to change the units from 'cm' to 'mm.' Click the gear in the top-right:

Click "Length Units" and change them to mm:

You'll notice the grid got smaller: 

Close it by pressing the checkmark or pressing "Esc:"

Now, press the line tool to begin drawing lines: 

Draw a horizontal line across the origin (don't worry, it does not need to be perfect!):

Now, continue sketching with lines until you have something that looks like this: 

Notice that the sketch has turned light blue. That shows that the loop is closed and it is ready. If you don't see the sketch turning light blue, you can continue to the next step.

Enter select mode by either pressing "Esc" twice, or clicking the select icon:

Then, select the top line, and you'll see something like this:

If your sketch isn't closed loop, you can use select mode to drag points until they snap closed: 

Select the top line, and you will see the constraints and dimensions: 

Select the horizontal constraint: 

Now it's locked horizontally: 

Now, enter "40" into the length, and press the checkmark:

Note: It may not change until you drag a point, causing it to snap into place.

You can select multiple items by holding 'Ctrl' or 'Command,' and setting multiple constraints at once:  

These two lines equal: 

These two lines equal, and collinear: 

Select the top line, and the origin point, and select 'midpoint on line': 

Select this line, and set it to 5mm (don't forget to press the checkmark):

Select these two points, and set the horizontal and vertical distance both to 7mm: 

Select the two center points and set them 10 mm apart: 

It should look like this:

Now press the checkmark: 

Then click the sketch, and notice the extrude button pops up: 

Click 'Extrude:' 

Enter 7 mm, and press the check mark:  

Now, select the side face: 

And press the 'Sketch' button: 

You should see something like this: 

Sketch the below shape--this will become the shape that enables the wires to stick to the holder:

Select these two points, and make sure they are 1.5mm wide: 

Close the sketch. Then select it and press extrude: 

Change the camera angle so you can see better:

Drag the arrow through the part (or enter 45mm in the window):

Press the checkmark to accept:

Now, double-click the newly-created part, and press duplicate: 

Enter "6mm" in the green Y value

Now, double-click the first body you created, notice the tools that pop up:

While holding 'ctrl' or 'command' and double-click the second side sketch part, notice the tools are different: 

Select 'Cut': 

Note: The 'Tool' is just the long part you're using to cut with. If you wanted to keep it so you could cut more slots with it, you would slide the tab to keep it.

Press the checkmark to cut the piece: 

Now do the same for the other side. First select the main base, then select the cutting tool: 

Finally, these edges are too sharp, so let's round them off. We select these edges, enter and press 'Fillet:' 

Enter '2mm', and press the checkmark:

Now you're done! Press 'Publish' to save your work:

Enter a name, description, give it a tag, and select if you want it public or private (it's public by default): 

Press "Save" and wait until you get this message: 

Now, Navigate back to the browse page ( https://3DOrchard.com/app/ ), and in the top search window, enter the name of your object: 

As you type it, you should see your object: 

Click it, and press "Download files" to download the .STL for 3D Printing.

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