This article provides details about adding existing Orchard Parts into a scene. 


The Add Part Tool allows previously saved Parts to be added into a scene and is located within the Add Menu. This tool requires a list of Part Commit IDs to be added to the scene.


To use the Add Part Tool, first hover over the Add Menu in the bottom left corner of the CAD interface. The menu will expand to show the tool:

Click the Add Part icon to expand the Part Commit ID field:

To obtain the Part Commit IDs you would like to import, open a new browser tab, navigate to Orchard, and click on the design in which your parts are located. At the far-right of the design page, you will see the Parts List Tab.

Click on the Parts List Tab and select the parts you would like to import. Then select "COPY SELECTED PART LINKS" 

Switch your browser tab back to the Orchard CAD interface, paste the selected commit links (ctrl+v, command+v on mac) into the field, and press the checkmark to import the parts: 

Your parts will be imported into the CAD interface without any position information. You can reposition your parts using the Translate or Rotate tools.


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