This article provides details about the Material and Texture Tool.


The Material and Texture tool provides functionality for modifying material settings of Parts and Shapes including:

  • Color
  • Transparency & Opacity
  • Roughness & Metalness
  • Wireframe
  • Texture map


This tool is located at the bottom right corner of the CAD interface. However, this tool will only operate on Parts and Shapes.



This tool only operates on Parts and Shapes. Currently, it is not possible to apply individual material settings to Faces.

To modify the material settings of a Part or Shape, select the Part or Shape, click the Material & Texture Tool button at the bottom right corner of the CAD interface, and then click the Edit button at the top of the Material & Texture Tool dialog:


The color settings adjust the Red, Green, and Blue color components of the selected entity's material. To adjust the material color, use the color coded sliders under the Color section or enter specific values into the color fields:

The material color will update in real time:

Transparency & Opacity

The Transparency and Opacity settings adjust the degree to which light passes through the selected entity. The Transparent toggle must be on in order to adjust the opacity of the material. To adjust the Opacity, move the slider or enter a specific value into the Opacity field:

The material opacity will update in real time:

Roughness & Metalness

The Roughness and Metalness settings adjust the how light reflects off of the selected entity. Adjusting these settings can give material settings ranging from matte to highly polished. To adjust the Roughness or Metalness, move their corresponding sliders or enter a specific value into their fields:

The material roughness and metalness will update in real time:


The wireframe setting is not very useful, but we added it anyways:

Texture Map

The texture settings for a selected entity's material are available under the Texture tab of the Material dialog. To add a texture to a selected Part or Shape, simply click on any texture in the list:

The material texture will update in real time.

To remove a texture map, click the Remove Texture Map button at the top of the textures list:


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