In this article, you will learn how the Save Menu works and how your changes are saved.


The Save Tool publishes all of your contributions.

The CAD interface is very powerful in that it allows you to add, remove, update, and generally change a number of different aspects of your Design. You can create new parts, make modifications to existing parts, move parts around, add materials, and much more. Orchard tracks all of the changes you make to a Design carefully so that the evolution of your Design is properly captured. Managing the persistence of these changes is the job of the Save Tool.


The Save Tool is located at the top right corner of the CAD interface and can be used to save a new Scene under the following conditions:

  • The number of Parts and/or Shapes in the Scene 1 or more

And any of the following:

  • The topological structure of any of the objects previously in the scene changed
  • The material properties of any of the objects previously in the scene changed
  • New objects were added to the scene
  • The position of any of the objects previously in the scene changed
  • The Scene background photosphere changed


To use the Save Tool, first make any of the changes listed above. The visible sections of the Save Tool will depend on exactly which combination of changes you have made. Here are all of the sections of the tool:

Design Name

The name of the Design you are working on appears at the top of the Save Tool. If the Design is brand new, you will need to provide it a name using the New Design Name field:

A Design name is required to save a Design, and must be between 3 and 20 characters. Only uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers, and hyphens (-) are allowed in a Design name.

If the Design has be previously saved, its name will appear at the top of the Save Tool in place of the New Design Name field:

Design Changes

The Design Changes field allows you to describe the high level changes you've made to the Design you are working on:

This field is always visible, but it is not required to save.

Public or Private Selector

The Public or Private selector allows you to specify whether your new Design will be published publicly or privately. This selector is only visible for brand new Designs:

If you choose to make your new Design private and you do not have a Personal Subscription, you will be prompted to signup for a Personal Subscription before saving your Design.

New or Modified Parts

The New or Modified Parts section lists all of the newly added or changed parts in a Scene. This section is only visible if you have added or modified parts in your Scene:

Each added or modified part is listed with its name, a picture of the part, and a description:

  • Names of new parts are automatically generated for convenience, but you can edit this name to be more descriptive. Each part must have a new, and the name must be between 3 and 20 characters. Only uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and hyphens (-) are allowed.
  • Part images are taken automatically from an isometric camera orientation.
  • Similar to the Design Changes section, each part has a field for you to describe you changes.

This list of new or modified parts will scroll when necessary.

Save Button

Click the Save Button, once you are finished to save your design. If all of the information is valid, the Save button will turn from grey to green, indicating that you can save your design:

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