While modeling you will need to measure various dimensions on and between parts.  This information is displayed in the Measure Tool at the bottom right hand corner of the display. 


Similar to available actions, the Measure Tool only displays info when relevant elements are selected. The displayed number of digits and global units can be adjusted in the main menu.

Two points 

Displays the distance between the two points as well as the X, Y, and Z distances.

One Edge

Displays the length of an edge and the radius if it is a circular arc.

One Point One Face

Displays the normal distance from the point to the plane. 

Two Face

If the two planes are not parallel the angle is displayed.  If the two faces are parallel the distance between the planes is displayed. 

One Shape or Part

Displays the global position of the object. 

Future Measurements

Let us know of any new measurements you would like us to support, by messaging us in the chat in the bottom right corner of the screen.  

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