This article provides details about the Sweep Tool.


Extrudes a sketch profile along a path.  


This tool is available under the following conditions:

  • One or more sketch profiles are selected¬†
  • AND One or more edges are selected

The sweep results in a separate part:


This tool does not have any Parameters.


This tool does not have any Options.


This tool does not have GUI controls.


The sketch profile does not necessarily need to be touching the selected edge.

It's important to make sure the resulting 3D object doesn't self-intersect, as a result of applying the sweep. Self-intersecting objects usually occur when trying to sweep along sharp edges, which gives the message, "Unable to Sweep:"

For now, it is best to apply sweep to rounded edges only (so sometimes filleting a sharp edge can help):

It can be helpful to create an offset edge/lip--used for applications like a lid on round containers:

There are many shapes you can make with sweep, it just takes practice. To get an idea of some of the shapes you can make, check out some of the shapes made by one of our users, Rob Shuttleworth ( ): 


Coming Soon!

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